NaNoWriMo Update

nanowrimoAs predicted, my final college class has been the death knell for my novel.  It’s actually not dead, and I’m not giving up.  It’s just on hold for now, and I won’t make the 50,000 words for NaNoWriMo by the end of the month.

I made it to 20,916 words, and I was shooting for 25,000 – 30,000 for a children’s novel.  I now have to start wrapping up the storyline, and I have to pad out what I have.  I’m excited about getting back to it, but it will have to wait until Christmas time.

My last day of this (awful, horrible) final college class is December 23rd.  It’s a monster of a class (instead of a co-op program, they give you a killer class instead). I did four HOURS of homework last evening after I got home from working all day.  Here are the assignments just for this week alone:

1. Read a lecture and participate in an ongoing discussion (you have to post on 3 different days of the week);

2. Work on an assignment given last week but not due until next week – this one was to make sure my online Optimal Resume Portfolio (samples of final projects from ALL the classes I’ve had since 2010 PLUS a Mission Statement and an essay which summarizes my learning experiences) is complete and ready for a review by a Third Party Reviewer.  It took me an entire evening to get the Portfolio created in a website format I could share with my Reviewer and then write my Mission Statement and the essay. I then selected someone not affiliated with the school (I chose a former supervisor).  I sent her a review form and a link to my portfolio.  Once she completed the form, I wrote a 1-2 page report on how I felt the review went. I completed this one early – it’s ready to submit;

3. Graduation-Ready Portfolio Presentation – I submitted a link to my portfolio to the instructor and I have to answer a long series of questions on the various objectives of the degree program.  In each answer, I have to cite an item in my portfolio that proves I’ve met the objective.  I haven’t done the questions part yet;

4. Professional Marketing Plan Part 1 (Employer research).  I had to research 3 different potential employers.  One is a job I could do right after graduation, one is a job that is a stretch (a dream job I could do in a few years’ time), and the third job is a volunteer opportunity.  There was a multi-page form that had to be completed for each job/employer (company history, mission statement, particulars about the job opening, blah, blah, blah).  This is the assignment that took me 4 hours to complete;

5. Capstone Flowchart and Thumbnails – complete a site map/flowchart for my final Portfolio project (a multi-page website I have to create from scratch).  Create 10 Thumbnails for my main page.  Choose three ideas to work into further detail, etc.  I haven’t even started this one. It’s due Saturday at midnight.

6. Reflection – I have to write a reflection summarizing my college career experience so far.  I haven’t started this one yet either.

I’m not sure when I’m supposed to be creating the multi-page website – during my sleep maybe?  There’s no time with all the assignments.

Now you know why the book is sitting and waiting.  The schoolwork is deadline driven, the book is not. The schoolwork is devastatingly hard. Thirty-three more days to go, and I will be done.  I can do this.

13 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update

    1. I don’t really. I took the time this morning because I don’t want to give up everything I love. Posting photographs and jotting poems down when I have a minute or two is fairly easy, too. I can post from my phone as well.


  1. good lord. I feel tired just reading that list. You must be the most organised person ever. And well done on the words you have written, that sounds like a good chunk to me (i’m intrigued to know the storyline?)


    1. I try to stay organized. It’s the only way I can manage. The story is a children’s book and I’m sure you can guess the main character – she is gray and has a big fluffy tail, she likes peanuts, she’s quite the character.


      1. It’s the story of a young squirrel, her cousin, her friends (Sydney, the mourning dove and others) and their adventures in my neighborhood.  I got the idea when mishunderstood said she’d taken a creative writing class and they were encouraged to write about animals and give them the personalities of people that they knew.  Sera meets various friends and has adventures.  There’s a family of skunks who move in to the neighborhood and there’s a lot of controversy there. I was thinking along the lines of Winnie the Pooh where the animals talk and interact with each other.  It’s not as babyish, and the animals in mine aren’t stuffed.  It needs a lot of work, and I was having a lot of fun with it until school took over my existence.  Only 4 more weeks to go of school, and I can return to the book. I can’t wait.


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