Yep, it’s here; feels like mid-Winter, I fear
Glad I wrestled all the storm windows down
The cats were not glad; they gave me a frown
I drove through snow to get kissed by my man
Driving to ‘Jersey, at least that’s his plan
To rescue a driver whose truck did die
Puts off our weekend, I’m sad, I can’t lie
At least the homework is done for the day
Now I can blog, rest and dawdle away

7 thoughts on “Snow and Dawdling

  1. digitalgranny says:

    Oh wow snow. brr cold there. At 3:53 it is 54 degrees here. heat wave.


    1. dflorack says:

      54 degrees, I envy you! We bundle up, we get through it. 😉


  2. Skye says:

    I truly love your poetry. You are a blessing. I hope he made it safely!!!


    1. dflorack says:

      He did, thanks. He’s on his way back home again. The other driver is driving since Hubby is out of hours by now.


      1. Skye says:

        Oh, good!!!! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂 xxxx


  3. rmudge says:

    Stay warm! It was only 19 degrees F here today. It has snowed here, but it hasn’t really been a covering yet. Cats make great lap warmers 🙂


    1. dflorack says:

      Cats are the BEST lap warmers. 🙂


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