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Twenty-three years ago today I was very pregnant with my first baby.  Hubby was unemployed at the time, but he did DJ work (mostly weddings) while he looked for a job.  We were out for the day (I was already on leave, waiting for the baby to arrive).  We stopped off where one of his co-DJ’s worked. He went inside while I waited in the car.  He was inside for forever, and I was uncomfortable and got tired of waiting. When I went inside, I had to climb a lengthy set of stairs to get to the second floor where he had gone.  I remember being tired, sore and a little angry by the time I found him and got him to stop talking and come back outside so we could go home.  When we got home, we both took a nap.  When I woke up later, I was in labor. Three and half hours later, I had my beautiful baby boy.


I can’t believe that twenty-three years have passed so quickly.  My little baby boy has grown into a handsome, funny, intelligent, sweet and wonderful man.  Happy Birthday, Matt!