I usually steer clear of controversy.  I don’t like arguing with others, I avoid conflict, and I’m not usually very good at defending myself in an argument/debate.  In this case, I feel like I have to say something.

One of the first social networks I became involved with years ago was Facebook. It was fun at first connecting with friends and family. I took time to search out everyone I could think of from my family, from high school and from past jobs. I think I found more people than people actually looked for and found me, but that’s fine. I guess I’m not real memorable since I’m shy and quiet by nature.

But I digress. To get back to the reason why I am finished with Facebook on a personal basis, I have very few causes that I get passionate about. One that I feel strongly about is animals. I’ve been known to immediately stop reading a book I may have spent a great deal of money on or that others insist I must read because I’ll love it if there’s even a hint of animal cruelty. It bothers me. I can’t deal with animal cruelty.

I have had many pets during my lifetime. The two dogs I had growing up (Missy and Bennie) were rescues from the Animal Service League. My mother taught me to care for and to give homes to unwanted animals.  They deserved loving homes just as much as new puppies or kittens did. Our dog, Zola, was my 35th birthday present, and she came to us from the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm. Four of our cats (Sammy, Raymond, Molly and Ginger) came from Scottsville Veterinary Adoptions. Our cat, Chase, came to us from the Kathleen A. Tenney (K.A.T.) Animal Shelter. One cat (Jasper) was through a friend when her friend could no longer keep him. All were older animals that were unwanted by others.

At least three people that I know post pictures on Facebook of abused and tortured animals. The way Facebook is set up, unfortunately, you can’t miss these horrific images. You scroll unsuspecting through your news feed, and there they are.  I stopped receiving any sorts of posts in my news feed from one “friend” several months back. I shut her off because I couldn’t handle what she thought she had to share. I don’t understand why it’s necessary to distress others in this way.

I couldn’t sleep last night because of a post from a “friend” that I blundered across on one of my rare forays onto Facebook last evening. I was up crying half the night over a poor cat who resembled our Molly. I can’t do Facebook any more. I just can’t. I can’t go on there, hoping to catch up with friends, see pictures of family, etc. and then find something so disturbing that I can’t function because of it. I suppose I could just drop the folks who post graphic images.  I don’t feel like I have the time or the energy for that right now.

I will continue to let my blogs publish to their Facebook pages because I know that’s how some of my readers reach me. I will not venture onto there on a personal level any longer, however. It’s too upsetting.