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I have three weeks to go before I am done with school. I am still working hard on trying to put together the final project I need for graduation.

When I began this class, there was a fellow student who introduced herself by saying that this was her second time through the class.  She failed the first time because it was such a challenge.  There was also a male student who I have had classes with many times over the past three years.  He was posting along with everyone else when the class began, and then he started to fall behind. His posts got later and later.  He disappeared sometime during the killer week that was so difficult and so full of homework.  He is no longer participating in the discussions. I suspect he will be taking the class again next semester.  He will have to if he wants to graduate.

I am posting a “sketch” here of my very, very rough draft.  It’s a work in progress.  I have the logo drawn that I wanted to create.  I think I have my colors set – I haven’t used blue in any of my past projects so I thought I’d use it for the portfolio website.  I still have to figure out how to get the “windows” of my work to sit where they are supposed to on the screen.  They are supposed to sit in a grid or table-like structure.  There are eight of them on the main page. As you can see, they are all over the place.  I’m pleased that I got them all on there.  Now I just have to work to get them lined up properly.  From there, I have to create other pages.  When you click on each image, it will take you to another page of the website that will explain that project in greater detail.  I can also see that I’m missing the rounded edge of the border on the right hand side of my background which tells me my page is too wide.  I’ll have to fix that, too.  I have a lot of work in front of me.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!