All Decorated

Well, the tree is up, and the decorating is done. I had some feline (and human) help. I always get teary when I put the tree up. I have mostly handmade ornaments. My Mom was very clever and was always making something. I made a few myself. We have lots of ornaments that are pictures of pets present and past. Then there are the ornaments my sons made when they were little. I love to see them all each year.
20131207-211320.jpgOur stockings hung on the front door (no mantle). Yes, the cats have Christmas socks, too.

20131207-211453.jpgHe was my Mom’s. He sings.


20131207-211628.jpgMy helper. She’s testing out how hard she can hit all the ornaments.

20131207-211726.jpgA Little Debbie brownie that my son was eating. The face cracked me up. 😉

9 thoughts on “All Decorated

  1. LOVE the reindeer head! Not so much the Santa Little Debbie (you’d think the LD people would’ve done bette designing it).


    1. I thought it was funny. I didn’t know they had faces like that when I bought them. Alex likes all those LD products. He’s so skinny he can eat them all he wants!


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