I am looking for co-bloggers or guest authors for Sera’s blog – http://squirrelnamedsera.com/. There are already two of us blogging on a regular basis (I provide the voice for Sera, of course, and occasionally for Sandy) and one of my good friends blogs as Sydney. I won’t publish her name in case she wishes to remain anonymous.

The only requirements I have are that the posts remain G-rated and not scary for kids. If Sera becomes a children’s novel someday (and that is my hope), I need the site to be kid/family friendly. The author must write from the bird’s/animal’s perspective. You would be that character. I have a number of visitors to my feeder on a regular basis – sparrows, blue jays, cowbirds, grackles, starlings, nuthatches, cardinals, robins, goldfinches, chickadees, redwing blackbirds, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and chipmunks. If you can think of others that inhabit New York State and might visit my yard, feel free to suggest them.

I’d love to give some voices to the other critters. Not only will it make the blog more interesting, it will help me to visualize and flesh out the characters in the story.

If anyone is interested in letting their bird or animal side show, please let me know. If any of my non-blogging friends want to try it out, please let me know. The posts don’t have to be on a regular basis; I’d appreciate even a semi-regular post. Thanks!!!