It looked like an average box.

20131220-231519.jpgWhen I opened the box, that magic word jumped out at me.

20131220-231627.jpgOh, my. I was so excited when I lifted off the foam packing!

20131220-231813.jpgHe’s so cute!



20131220-232530.jpgThis is a Christmas present from my boss. I LOVE it!! She knows me well, doesn’t she?

12 thoughts on “I LOVE It!

  1. Adorable!! I was thinking about you in the movies the other day. There is a movie coming out all about squirrels. I could just picture you in the theater glued to the screen!! ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. ?? Noo….not sure what you saw…it is a cartoon for kids. It is called “Going Nuts,” I believe. A bunch of squirrels trying to break into a nut shop. I have actually never seen a horror movie. lol Too wimpy. ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. I didn’t think you’d direct me to something scary, but I wasn’t sure there for a minute!!  I Googled squirrel movie, and it came up with a trailer for a squirrel movie coming in 2014. It was an animated-type movie and looked cute until the squirrels attacked the people!!!!  Why would anyone make a movie like that?!!  It made me want to go out and hug dear, sweet Sera.  I’ll look for the one you saw advertised instead!


      3. lolol…I had the wrong name. But, YES!!!! Oh, how I wish you and I could go see it together. It would be awesome to see it with someone that was so “nutty” about squirrels!!!! Big hugs…much love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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