Lesson #1 really spoke to me. It helps to remember that our kitty (and doggy) friends really don’t belong to us. We just borrow (and love) them for a little while. Thank you, Robin, for writing this.

Playful Kitty

Cinco and Manna are more than just animals that live with Dave and me; they are family, they are our furry children, they are our companions, confidants, and friends. I love that bumper sticker that says “Who rescued who?” It can be hard to explain to someone who hasn’t ever bonded with an animal, but pets like cats and dogs provide as much support for us as we provide for them.

Over the years I have learned a lot of very interesting life lessons from my cats. Sometimes the lessons I learn from the cats are funny and sometimes not so much – sometimes they are really deep. Obviously the cats can’t really buy me gifts from Christmas or my birthday, but they have given me a lot of precious jewels with these truths.  I don’t know if this will reveal more about the cats or more about me, but…

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