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I am well and truly done now.  The final grades are in, and I’m over the moon with excitement.

My grade on my 11-page website is a 91%. That was a complicated and difficult project that I worked on for 6 weeks.  I tried hard to make my website perfect, but it had a few flaws that I couldn’t quite iron out. The required elements were all there – they just weren’t perfect.

My grade on my 32-page Marketing Plan is 100%. That plan consisted of seven different assignments – four from this course and three from a previous course.  We had to knit them all together into a cohesive plan.

My final grade in the Capstone course itself is a 95.86%. The Capstone course is Bryant & Stratton’s version of an internship program for online students.  I have never had a course with so many assignments due each week. It was a challenge to keep up and get them all submitted on time. In addition to all those detailed and challenging assignments, we worked on our website in the background – doing a little bit at a time when we had the time so that it would be ready at the end of the class.

So when it’s all said and done – that’s all straight A’s – every class in the associate’s degree program.  I took a total of 21 classes over three years (I had one class in Medical Terminology before I switched degree programs – I got an A in that class, too, even though I hated it!).4.0 GPA – all A’s. Is that summa cum laude?

I have been told by my mother-in-law and by my husband that my parents would be very proud.  My Mom has been gone for 8 years, and my Dad has been gone for 26 years.  I am not sure they would understand why I went back to school so late in life, but I do think they are smiling down on me from somewhere. Thanks, Mom and Dad.