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It was a squirrel jamboree

At last count there were forty-three

They were everywhere this morning

They all dropped in without warning

There was Sera and her Aunt Sue

I saw Myrtle and her son Lou

Sandy jumped up onto the roof

Uncle Frank did cartwheels, the goof

They dug up nuts down by the road

They carried off the entire load!

Albert and Larry ate the most

It’s really not like them to boast

They ate and then they ate some more

I need to restock the nut store!

The blue jay just tried to get some

The squirrels chased, but she’s not dumb

Fast as a flash, she got her nut

She flew with a blue jay-like strut

Lost count of the handfuls I tossed

Nut after nut hit the ground’s frost

It’s cold out! They need what they find

Feeding friends – I really don’t mind