Wish I Had Known!

Onwards and upwards to a Bachelor’s degree is next for me.  At least that’s the plan. I’ve decided to continue on with my education.  I’m hoping to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Web Development online from a private college in Ohio. I was 98% registered and put it on hold so I could finish up my Associate’s degree.

Well, it turns out that I didn’t need to take that Math placement test before I could register for ANY courses at the new school.  I just need to have it out of the way before I take any further MATH classes.  Ugh!  I wish I’d known that.  If I’d known, I’d likely be starting classes again on Monday.  So I’ll now have a month (6 weeks) off.

I will likely start on February 17th if all goes well with Financial Aid (fingers crossed), and hopefully I’ll have that Math exam out of the way by then.  I’ve been taking practice Math tests, and while I don’t arrive at the answer in the same manner that they show in the examples, I do arrive at the correct answer. I took my first practice test this morning, and I got an 87%.  I had two answers wrong.  Not bad.

sydney1The weather is horrible here.  It’s snowing (we’re expecting maybe a foot of snow) and bitterly cold (15 degrees, feels like -6 degrees).  I’m glad I have today and tomorrow off, and I’m going nowhere.  It’s so cold here that my friend, Sydney, the mourning dove was waiting for me on the railing this morning.  I’m not sure where Sera has been – probably curled up in a ball in her den, sleeping and staying warm until the snow stops.

Stay warm, everyone!

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