Amore Italian Restaurant

logoHubby and I had a good time at Wegmans’ Amore Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar.  We used the gift card tonight that Wegmans gave us, and we had a nice night out.  The only complaint I had with the whole evening was the proximity of the tables to one another.  It was impossible to have a private conversation.  The woman on my left turned to me at one point and apologized because she felt the noise her daughter was making might be bothering us.  The daughter was watching videos on her father’s phone.  The family on our right had their 15 year old son (soon to be 16) with them, and the kid didn’t like anything on the menu.

To start things off they brought us Italian bread with olive oil for dipping.  The bread was okay, but it was nothing special.  I think it would have tasted better if it had been warm.

For an appetizer, we shared the pumpkin gnocchi, and they were fabulous.  The menu said they were with brown butter, sage and amaretto cookie.  It tasted like brown sugar, and they were topped with fresh parmesan cheese.

We also split a vegetable dish – we had the zucchini carpaccio. It came with arugula pesto, pine nut granola and burrata.  The zucchini was real good, too. It was sliced thin and was seasoned perfectly.

For an entree, I had the mushroom ravioli.  It had portobello mushrooms, marsala, sauteed spinach and toasted hazelnuts. It wasn’t quite what I wanted, and I wish now that I had stuck with my first instinct and gotten the pizza.  The ravioli was good.  I just wish I had gotten something less wet and rich. I sat the entire meal, watching the chef tossing the pizza dough around.  Maybe that’s why I wish I’d gotten one.

Hubby’s entree was the mushroom and black truffle wood-fired pizza.  I had a slice of that, and it was awesome.  If I had gone with the pizza, I would have gotten the butternut squash pizza with shaved brussels sprouts and roasted leeks.  Well, if we go back, I know what I’ll order.

For dessert, we shared three scoops of their homemade ice cream. We had a scoop of vanilla, a scoop of (really rich) dark chocolate and a scoop of pistachio with wine-soaked cherries.  If I were to do it over, I’d just have the chocolate.  The pistachio and the vanilla tasted a lot alike to me.

The service was excellent.  We were asked by the waitress and the hostess several times during each course if everything was okay and if we needed or wanted anything else.  It was almost too much attention.  Hubby was trying to talk to me at one point, and the waitress thought he was talking to her.  Like I said, there wasn’t a lot of privacy.

We liked it, though, and we would go back again. We don’t get nice meals out very often.

4 thoughts on “Amore Italian Restaurant

  1. That does sound like a nice meal and we have to go into the city to get to a nice place to eat. We love Olive Garden.


  2. Nice post…I could visualize it, including every morsel you ordered! We had a similar experience at a nice restaurant where we felt that they might as well have seated us with the people beside us as we basically were! Very strange.
    All in all, it’s always great to get out and enjoy some unique creations that you might not whip up in your own kitchen. 🙂


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