Woken at 4:30

Son one up, too

What is that high-pitched whine?

Got up to try and see

I had no clue

What would make such a chime

What ever could it be

We looked, we two

That noise, it was a crime

Toys should not make that shriek

We found it, phew!

Battery dying sign

And the dryer died.  Gee.

What do we do?

It has run a long time

Oh, it’s a tragedy

It might be through

It sure is past its prime

Four piles of wet laundry

I guess I knew

Laundromat, get them dry

Just not my cup of tea

Not good, it’s true

The type of day to sigh

8 thoughts on “Weird Day

  1. Boy, these humans and their weird toys! Life would be so quiet without them!! (*back to my nap*)



      1. Treats and tuna to you!


      2. dflorack says:

        Thanks, Shrimp.

        ~ Donna ~ Sent from my iPhone



  2. Laundromats are the pits, Donna. Here’s to your new dryer, wherever it may be.


    1. dflorack says:

      Thanks, Andra.


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