Twenty-Two Hours

Hubby almost slept around the clock.  He woke up briefly to have a little dinner and then went back to sleep.  This morning I heard him get up at 8:30 (he’d gone to bed 22 hours before that).  It was an interesting night.  He tossed and turned a lot, and I’m a light sleeper.  I have a headache today that you have to feel to believe.  He’s watching TV at the moment, and he’s feeling a little better.  Nurse Ginny is on duty at the moment.  Nurse Ginny always makes everyone feel better – that and hot tea and hot cinnamon rolls.


 Nurse Ginny

 Nurse Ginny is more than a cat

She’ll comfort you and make you well

She snuggles and cuddles the best

Her purr and her warmth are so nice


Nurse Ginny wears more than one hat

Her friendship and small warmth are swell

To have her in our home, we’re blessed

Her love and feistiness adds spice

9 thoughts on “Twenty-Two Hours

    1. I don’t know what we’d do without Nurse Ginny. She’s such a sweetie. Hubby is feeling a little better, but I think he’s still staying home today. His fever is down but not completely gone yet. Thanks, Shrimp.


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