Good News Comes in Threes

This seems to be the day for good news, and that’s very welcome around here! When I woke up this morning, I was drenched in sweat.  That was the first piece of good news as it meant my fever had broken. I stayed home one final day to rest, and this is the first day I’ve stayed awake all day and have had a clear head all day long. I was able to start compiling Hubby’s road expenses from last year. I always put together a spreadsheet for our tax preparer.

The second piece of good news involved my oldest son’s job search. His State unemployment ran out this week.  He had two interviews with Valvoline, and he was supposed to hear back on Tuesday afternoon. He did not. I was too sick that day and the next to get on his case. Today I asked him to follow up.  He said it was probably too late. I insisted he call anyway. The manager asked him to stop over for 10 minutes. It turns out that maybe they were testing his interest level.  The last step is now a background check, and the only “background” this 23-year old “kid” has is one speeding ticket. They said he should be fine. They welcomed him to the team, and if all goes as planned, he should start work next week sometime.

Good news number three is that I finally heard from my new school about financial aid, and I spoke to an enrollment specialist tonight.  I am now an enrolled student in the Web Development Bachelor’s degree program.  I begin classes February 17th.  My first class is Learning Strategies which is everyone’s first class.  It’s an introductory type class and goes for 6 weeks. My second class is an arts/humanities class called Film Appreciation.  Obviously, no content courses yet. I’m excited to get started again. It was nice to have a month and a half off, and if I had to be sick I’m glad I was sick during my hiatus. I would never have kept up with schoolwork this week.

Hooray! Yippee! Whoo-hoo! We were way overdue on good news around here.

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