Interesting Saturday

The squirrels are knocking at the door now.  No, I’m not loopy.  My son heard it, too. In fact, he heard it first.  He said, “What is that noise?”  He got up to look out the door, and he said that there was something on the top step, but he was afraid if he opened the door he would scare it away.  I went to the door instead.

This is who I saw when I opened the door.

2-15Murray-12-15Murray-22-15Murray-3It’s one of Sera’s babies.  I am calling him Murray.  There were two other little ones out there, too, so I think she has three babies.  I haven’t come up with names for the others yet.  They are hard to tell apart!  I can tell them from her because their heads are shaped a little different (they look young), and their paws and ears in some lights appear to be a lighter gray or almost whitish. They are adorable.  It tickles me that they are friendly, too, but I wasn’t quite expecting them to come and scratch on the door and ask for food! I think I’ve created a monster!

Sera was right there with them.  She was on the railing asking for goodies, too. I apologize for the crappy pictures. I grabbed my phone fast, and the window was fogged up.

2-15Sera-12-15Sera-2When I went out with a cup of Critter Crunch, three of them were right down on the ground in front of me, standing on their hind legs waiting while I tossed them handfuls of food.  I wish I had a way of taking their pictures while I feed them.  I think I need one of those head-mounted minicams!  They were very sweet.

After the antics of the squirrels, I went over to my Weight Watchers meeting.  I haven’t been since November 19th!!  I know, I know.  I stopped going because the leader I liked so much cut back her schedule, and she was no longer leading the meeting I attended Tuesday evenings.  I didn’t like her replacement as well.  I tried a different location with the leader I liked, and I didn’t like the location!  Then the holidays came up, then the weather got bad, then I got the flu, then I couldn’t get there on time after work, and it was just one excuse after another.  I put 6.8 pounds back on!  Yikes.  I decided that I would try a Saturday morning meeting with a new leader.  The place was packed.  The leader seems nice.  She was funny.  Maybe that’s why she has such a huge following.  So I’m back to watching what I eat and writing it all down. Wish me luck.  I have a loooooooong road ahead of me again. My goal is to be thinner in time for my graduation ceremony in May.

10 thoughts on “Interesting Saturday

  1. This is an adorable story! Donna, I am on the weight loss journey, as well. If you need support, I am here for you!! 🙂 I weigh in on Fridays and announce it on my other blog. Ugh! This week I didn’t because I have been so sick. Anyway, I am here if you need me.


  2. You’re a very lucky lady to have squirrels knocking! Check out Tone It Up for exercise and fitness tips. They have followers of all ages and it works and is for the most part (apart from the nutritional plan) free!


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