I’m in my second week of classes at my new school and I am beginning to feel overwhelmed. The three years of online learning I did with my old school seem like a breeze now. I’m assuming and hoping I will adjust.

This school has live online chats (we wear headsets with microphones so we can talk to each other). There are team projects and a team presentation. This is all new to me. There was nothing live at the old school, and there were no teams.

I am used to the materials being presented a week at a time. This school puts the entire course up. I can see 6 weeks of assignments all on one screen. We were told tonight we can work ahead. Holy crap. I think I will stick to a week at a time.

At this school we pick what classes we want to take next, too. I’m used to them telling me what’s next. I got some suggestions today from my advisor, and I still don’t know what to pick. It looks like I might have 2 classes at the same time, and that scares me, too! I tried it at the old school (when my job was new) and couldn’t manage it.

Overwhelming. I think I may have to become a weekend blogger only for awhile. Who has time to write?!!