Goodbye, Chrome

The scan of my PC showed 1,228 malware items – all of them PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) files.  I found references online to PUP files calling them conduits to other viruses – Trojans, etc.  I then scanned my laptop.  That also had 8 PUP files on it.  Every one of those PUP files was in the Google Chrome directory. Okay, I’m convinced.  No more Chrome for me.  I’ve removed it from both my Windows computers.  I may have to use it at some future date – to test web pages for a school class, but I’m done with it for now. Thanks to my Hubby for the extra clean-up on my PCs – he got rid of stuff that I couldn’t. Stupid malware.

8 thoughts on “Goodbye, Chrome

  1. Happy you and you chubby got it all cleaned out and I had that trouble with a ton of malware.
    i am on a mac now and am much happier but not everyone likes mac and that is ok too.
    Have a good week coming up way to fast.


  2. Scary! The human’s daughter is giving her a laptop in a few days when she copies all her files onto their new Apple laptop….it has Chrome on it now…going to fix THAT!



    1. Just make sure they don’t fall for “fake” updates like I did. It’s easy to get tricked. Regular antivirus scans and malware scans help, too.


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