Bella Swan and Team Building

The final project in my Learning Strategies class at Franklin University is a team project. In this, my first Franklin class, an introductory two credit course, we’ve learned about the school and its student resources. We’ve also covered other basics like APA formatting and our individual learning styles.  For example I’ve been reminded that I’m an auditory learner. I absorb things better if I hear them. Now I know why I read instructions and lessons out loud.

For our team project we were given a list of movies and asked to pick two. What a great way to ease us into school – by letting us review, analyze and work with characters from movies we know and love. Most folks picked kid’s movies like The Wizard of Oz or A Bug’s Life. I chose either Harry Potter or Twilight. I ended up on Team Twilight, and then I volunteered to be Team Leader.  (That was before I read all the details for the project!)

We have to put together a 5-7 page PowerPoint presentation. We have to meet several times as a group (there’s four of us) to discuss the film’s characters and their team roles. Then I have to create the presentation as the Leader. We will all “present” the presentation together in a voice chat session with the teacher during the last week of class.

tuckmanI got to do the “fun” part yesterday. I re-watched the movie, taking notes about the characters as they applied to Tuckman’s model of team building. I know the movie was poorly acted, and I know there are some who say the books are badly written, but I enjoyed the heck out of them.  I’ve even picked the book up again to skim through a few parts.

Who knew I’d begin my Bachelor’s program by revisiting Forks, Washington?  This could be a lot of fun after all.


2 thoughts on “Bella Swan and Team Building

  1. Ah….such memories…. ! Actually I loved academic work in higher education…. When I was in the library doing research for a project I would think, I can’t believe I grew up to have a job to be paid to study, write and teach… Hope your journey continues to be rewarding. You really are learning something new every day… and that is a blessing to be savored I believe. Sue


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