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Tuesday morning – sunrise, driving East on New York State Thruway on my way to drop off a case my Hubby had forgotten when he left the house to head out for the week of driving.

sunrise3-11-14Wednesday afternoon – snowstorm/blizzard in progress and drifts are starting to form on the Buick in our driveway. Gotta love this winter.  We thought spring was on the way, but I guess it’s not.  I hear that my work closed at 1:00 today.  All the area schools are closed.

buickI am home today.  I had major dental work done last evening.  I had a molar on the lower jaw that was mostly filling, and what remained of the tooth itself was full of cracks.  I kept putting off getting it attended to because it was not bothering me.  It only hurt if I was grinding my teeth in my sleep (that’s how it got cracked in the first place!).  I finally decided to have the Dentist look at it last night, and I was scared to death to let him touch it. Five Novocaine shots later (it refused to get properly numb), and my Doctor got to work.  There was no decay, but the crack ran all the way through the tooth.  He had to use some kind of bonding agent (glue) to bond the tooth back together, and then he built up the core of the tooth.  It will need a crown, but it’s stable for now.

Today I look like a chipmunk (on one side).  My jaw and tooth are both sore.  I felt good yesterday.  Today not so good.  Kind-of like the weather here.