A Friday Theme

I’m too tired to be creative
I could tell you about my week and the things I hated
I thought I would try some words that rhyme
It should be easy and not take up too much time
I could offer up a funny story
I could share some more about school and my glory
My first course’s final grades aren’t in yet
So I think I’ll wait to see what I get
The new class hasn’t even begun
It’s about movies, and I thought it sounded fun
Now I’m not so sure that it will be easy
Looking at the syllabus, I felt queasy
There’s lots of writing and analysis
No time for writer’s block or paralysis
Work has been busy as is the norm there
The days go by fast; yesterday was Monday I swear
Looks like Hubby won’t be home until Saturday mid-day
We really need to make some time for a “just us” get-away
Maybe it would chase off this delayed-spring blue mood
If nothing else, we’d enjoy some restaurant food
True he eats out as a general rule
I eat in and eat lots of junk for my fuel
A restaurant would give me a chance to eat salad
Okay, I think that’s enough of this ballad
Have a good Friday, one and all
Getting ready for work I can no longer forestall

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