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It hit home to me this week that achieving another degree really is a lot more difficult than achieving the first one was.  I am mid-way through my second course, and I am working harder than I ever have. At times it feels like I have bitten off more than I can chew.

franklinMy upcoming Algebra course looks to be a nightmare. I’ve signed up for a weekly online study group. Every Wednesday night from 8:00-10:00 p.m. I will be interacting live with classmates and the teacher. I also have to take four proctored exams during this Math class so I will be over at my local library, taking the exams with the librarian proctoring each test. For this class I also needed a special calculator. I bought a used TI-84 Plus Graphing calculator on eBay last night. The school even offers classes on how to use the calculator!


Finding time to blog has become a bit of a challenge, and posts have become farther apart.  I am sorry for that.  Sleep has become scarce, too. I work all day long, come home, feed the cat and get right on the computer. I take breaks for the cat’s shot and dinner, but I sometimes spend all evening working on school work. Why do I push myself so hard? Because it matters. I try to strike a balance between excelling at the assignment and “good enough”. There are instances where I have to turn something in so I just go with “good enough”. Submitting something is better than submitting nothing. I like to give everything 110%, but I’m only human.

I am still trying to take better care of myself, and this week it was harder to do. I didn’t get out and walk as much as I should have. I found myself stress-eating at work and was unable to stop even though I knew what I was doing. Things are piling up at work again. My in-box is an entire bookshelf, and it’s threatening to overflow into my desk area again.


So I’ll try to find time each day for a walk. It helps with the stress and clears my head so that I can face whatever is coming my way.

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