Becoming Scarce

I’m going to be here less; I will miss it I confess
I’ve reduced the amount I write; time is just too tight
School has become my priority; it has claimed my time with authority
I’d like to spend more time blogging, but all my free time school is hogging
I was happily juggling three pages, but I haven’t done it well in ages
It got harder to give them all a voice, and I now I simply have no choice
I will write when I am able, but for now regular blogging I will have to table
I will miss the daily interaction, but doing too much gave me no satisfaction
I don’t deal well with stress, and right now I feel like a mess
I will return from time to time; to quit would be a crime
See you soon from Sera, Chase, Ginny and I

9 thoughts on “Becoming Scarce

  1. I don’t like this, Donna, but I understand the need for time to get everything else in your life done. If you go too long without blogging, please shoot me a message here and there and let me know how you are. Or, I’ll come stalking you. 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks, Andra. 😉 When/if things settle or I get it under better control, I’ll be back on a more regular basis. It’s just too hard at the moment. I’m spread so thin between work and school.


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