sleepwalkingAccording to, a zombie is an “animated corpse”. I know – that’s gross. There are some people that like anything to do with zombies (movies, books, etc.). I work with someone who is into that kind-of stuff. The past few weeks my brain went into overload. I was so much on overload that I zoned out. I was more like a zombie than a person. At the very least, I was sleepwalking my way through my life.

I was able to get up in the morning and function throughout the day for the most part. When I got home and had to dive into homework, I forced myself to keep going even though my body and brain were begging for a break and desperately wanted to shut down for the night. Forcing myself to go beyond my limits for too many months in a row took its toll.

My house is a mess. I haven’t kept it up other than a quick weekly vacuum. I have rooms that look like the proverbial “junk drawer”. My finances were not in great shape. I won’t go into the details, but it wasn’t pretty when I straightened it all out on Saturday. I heard complaints that the message in box on our home phone was full. My son went to the doctor’s this week to find out that they’d tried to call to reschedule and couldn’t reach us. Apparently the in box shuts off after 60 messages. Oops. My weight is the highest it’s been in a while – I’m 5 points away from the highest I have ever been. I am out of shape and can barely move without something hurting. I pushed myself so hard that my sleep schedule is all out of whack. I’m lucky I didn’t fall asleep at my desk at work or while standing up or worse yet, while driving.

So now that the end is near for my schooling, I am coming back to life again. Straightening the house out will take time, but it will happen. I figured the bills out yesterday – that took most of the day – I had a whole drawer full of stuff I tossed. I cleared the voicemail box on the home phone. The weight will take a long time to come off. I have to eat better, drink water and exercise. I slept 8 hours Friday night, 8 hours Saturday night and 6 hours last night. I feel halfway human again.

Yes, I’m also back to blogging more or less full-time. That was really when I knew I’d reach the ending point for school – when I decided to give up something that I loved and got so much enjoyment out of. What a ridiculous idea that was!

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