lostThey say it takes three weeks to make a habit. Twenty-one days of consistently doing something, and it becomes part of your routine. They told us that at Weight Watchers years ago, and I’ve found it to be generally true. If you do something regularly on a daily basis, it becomes part of your day. You do it almost without thinking about it.

I’m on day four of life as a non-student. I am a little lost. I am used to schedules and assignments and things to follow up with online. As I go through the process of extricating myself from school and its entanglements, I feel grief. It’s a loss like any other ending. I also feel wellness returning as I find time for things I enjoy again. I have time to walk. I have time to read. I have time to just watch the squirrels and birds.

I also feel a little guilt for not seeing it out. I had messages yesterday from the counselor at school and two teachers, all wishing me well. I wondered if I should have done more, but remembering that confused and befuddled daze I found myself in last week reminds me that I did enough.

It’s okay to walk away.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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