A Husband’s Response

Since my Hubby posted his reply to my last Blog post (from the road in Indiana) on his Facebook page, I will share what he wrote back to my “Dear Best Friend” letter.  I am posting it exactly as he wrote it.  I always thought he was a better writer than I am. I am so lucky to have him.

pressureYes, D, I did see this, and its taken me some time to find the words to respond.

I’ve noted the date, and have been pondering the time between then and now, and how far we have come. When you found me, I was pretty much a mess, a hurting unit… I still don’t understand how I managed to survive the time between high school and that day we met 26 years ago. I had a number of broken dreams and broken hearts leading up to our meeting. By the time we met, I was kinda treading water, no dreams no direction. It looked like nothing I’d ever wanted was going to happen, and I’d basically given up trying to MAKE it happen.

You came along and I felt my soul stirring again, like it hadn’t in years, and I knew I’d do what I had to do to keep you in my life. I still remember stopping at a payphone at Dewey and Stone, and nervously calling to set up our first date, I remember every detail of meeting you and your Mom later, and gaining the Dog’s reluctant approval, which apparently settled the matter for your Mom.

Our lives…. both of them, I daresay… changed for the better that day. As you say, we’ve had our ups and downs, (what friendship doesn’t?) But, I’ve come to understand what having one person you can always count on in your corner, means. And you know, after the hurts I took, it did take a while to trust to that level. Like a skittish animal, it took a while. But you understood, and together, we made it work. Out of it, I’ve gained (among many other things) a confidence that I cannot imagine doing without.

We have made two wonderful sons, something I had never pictured doing. I was convinced I’d be childless. And that served to move us closer as well.

Baby, I know this job I have hurts our together time. But, we both knew that going in. I too have those sleepless nights, wishing I had you near me.

We didn’t have much choice a few years back. After my job failed after the 08 election, i had to do something to keep food on the table. This new career has done that admirably. I like the work and the folks I work with. They’re good people. But there is no denying what it has cost us. I only get to see you on weekends, and when I do, I’m so dragged out all I can do is veg. The job takes that much, and you’ve seen it. And that after all the looking forward to home time… I don’t have the energy to do a quarter of what I would.

I was afraid for a while that the job would cost us, US.
But I should have known better. This hardship, too, has proven to be a source of strength.

As The Don Williams song says…
“Pressure makes Diamonds”.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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