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I spent some time outside today, trying to coax a squirrel to take a peanut out of a cup, but she wanted no part of that plastic cup.  First she watched warily from the tree, probably hoping I’d notice that the feeder is empty.

Sera5-24-1Then she got down from the tree and crept a little closer.

Sera5-24-2This was as close as she got.  Then she went back up into the tree after wandering around a bit and pretending she wasn’t interested.

Sera5-24-3I finally gave up and tossed the peanuts to her before I went inside.

Then I sat at my desk and noticed that Amazon had brought that box-o-cat that I ordered.

Chase5-24-1Seriously, he couldn’t care less.  Maybe he has the right attitude.  It’s all in a day’s work for a cat.