Read Any Good Books Lately?

What to read? What to read?!! With books, I’m like a little kid in a candy store. I don’t know why, but I’ll start a book and then hear about or read about another and want to read that one, too! I can’t settle on just one sometimes. I jump from book to book. I‘ve ended up with piles of books everywhere. Yes, I have a cluttered house, but my mess is mostly books.

not really my house
not really my house

I start them and then discard them. I’m always tempted by something new. Does that make me a book cheater or am I book unfaithful? There’s so little time to waste on bad books, and I’m always searching for that one book that I won’t be able to put down. I sometimes think that my Mother had the right idea – getting her books at the library. She’d take home 10 or 15 at a time if they let her and then she’d be back the next week to take back the ones she’d finished or didn’t care for. I’m too lazy to run back and forth to the library, and I don’t like reading books that are beat-to-death. I don’t like how they look, feel or smell.

I’ve started to move away from actual paper books. I’m not sure I love my Kindle, though. I forget what I have on there, and Amazon keeps sending the books into the “cloud” to save on storage space. Then it’s really out of sight, out of mind. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve clicked on a book that sounds great only to have Amazon tell me that I already own it! I do like the privacy aspect of the Kindle. I can read whatever the heck I want, and no one knows what I’m reading. I try to read in the community lunchroom at work, and if you have an actual book in hand, everyone tries to see what you’re reading. I hate to tell people what I’m reading especially if it’s a trashy romance that day.

I suppose I could have worse problems than having too much to read. I do suffer from a bit of collector-itis or obsessive collecting. I’ll start a book by an author and think it’s wonderful and before I know it I’ve bought the twenty-seven volume set. Half the time I lose interest by the third or fourth book (I realize that they are all the same book just with a little bit of difference in the storyline), and then I’m stuck with all these books in the series. I don’t know why I do it. I just have to have them for some reason.

Right now I have a lot of good books lying around. I’ve read 10% of the book and then I started another one. Maybe I have book ADHD. Every so often I have to actually force myself to push through and finish a book – just to say I’ve finished one or just to remind myself that I can stick with it until the end. I can be book monogamous. Really, I can!

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4 thoughts on “Read Any Good Books Lately?

  1. I’ve just finished a blogger friend’s book, Unseen Unsung by Hilary Custance Green I really enjoyed it, a story about a new opera singer who is involved in a serious explosion and meets a mysterious woman whilst buried under the rubble, people try to convince him the woman is a figment of his imagination. Great read 🙂


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