He was only a squirrel.
I feel bad he didn’t know the dangers of the road.
I feel anger at the car that did this.
I feel sad that he’s gone.
I feel love for the two sons who picked up his broken body so that their grieving mother did not have to.
I feel proud to have raised such wonderful and thoughtful young men.
I feel sad.
He was just a little squirrel.

15 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. This morning, I was thinking about you and the squirrel. A squirrel then ran across my yard. I decided to say a prayer for you each time I see one. A way to connect with my amazing squirrel-loving friend. Love you, Donna. Hope you are doing alright. Hugs!


    1. Thanks, Skye. I am doing well. I wondered for a brief moment if I should stop feeding them, but then I came home from shopping and was standing at the kitchen sink, and I noticed one of the squirrels running along the edge of the garage roof, looking in at me. I took him out some peanuts, and he came dashing down the tree to get them. I can’t stop feeding them. They bring me such joy.


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