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1) I don’t like driving. I used to enjoy driving around in my Firebird, but driving a big truck for a living would not appeal to me. I’d get so bored behind the wheel that I’d scream. Truckers deliver to the same places over and over again, and it’s always on someone else’s schedule;

2-15-11 truck2) I don’t like waiting. When deliveries or pick-ups are made, it often involves waiting. Sometimes truckers wait for hours. They wait to get on the dock. They wait to get loaded. They wait to be unloaded. They are told to nap while they wait, but then they get roused several times. Sometimes they have a forklift banging around inside the trailer behind them, unloading things. Their schedule involves a lot of “hurry up and wait”;

3) I don’t like camping. Living out of a tractor is a lot like camping. It’s not home. It’s not always comfortable. There are no on-board potties or showers. You use whatever public facilities you can find;

Bunk14) I don’t like being away from my family and home. Being away for weeks at a time would destroy me. I like my own four walls, and I like having my kids and my pet children around me;

5) I can’t follow a map. I can’t find places I’ve never been before. I’d be useless delivering things in strange cities. I’d be in tears, trying to find drop-off locations; and

6) I don’t like being alone. Truckers rely on their own skills to find places and maneuver huge trucks through small spaces and back into tight spots. They are usually alone in their cabs, and they interface and conduct business with strangers. They often only have their own wits to rely upon. They eat alone. They spend most of their time on the road alone. That’s why CB radios are so popular with truckers. It gives them someone to talk to.

I will leave the truck-driving to my Hubby. He’s good at it, and it is something that he enjoys. He likes the challenges of the road, and he’s great at finding places in strange cities. I am more content to spend my working days behind a desk. Life behind the wheel is not for me.