Mean People Stink

Yesterday seemed to be about mean people. The first mean people I encountered were my next-door neighbors. I was quietly reading a novel while Hubby took a nap. Yes, he was home on a Monday (so was I). As I read, I heard a sound. I heard it two or three times before I got up to investigate. It sounded like stones hitting the window over my kitchen sink. I wondered if it was possibly a bird pecking at the glass.

I went outside to investigate. I walked all around the driveway and our two cars parked there and didn’t see anything out of place. I went back inside, and in a few seconds’ time, I heard it again. I walked over to the window in time to see the neighbor’s teenage son peering back at me out of their living room window. He saw me and quickly ducked down. I stood there. His head popped up again, he saw me and quickly ducked down. I changed my tactics and bent down over the sink to peer through a crack in my curtain. As I watched, his head appeared again and then the muzzle of some sort of a gun. I thought at first it was a water gun, but as Hubby would note later, there was no water in the driveway or on the house. I watched as he poked the gun out, shot at something and then retreated. I had had enough. I woke up my Hubby.

Did I mention my Hubby is 6’2” and over 200 pounds? He went outside to watch and then I heard him say, “Do I have to haul your ass out of that window?!” They shut the window after that, but I fear this isn’t the end of this ugly confrontation. If it happens again while I am home alone, I will call the Police. I am pretty sure the gun was a BB-gun, and I don’t know what they were shooting at, but our houses are only 20-some feet apart. I will not have some little creep ruin my property or shoot at the wildlife in my yard.

My second mean person is the author of the book series I was reading. It’s a Young Adult series set in a dystopian world. I started following the series when it came out in 2011. I tore through the first book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I waited impatiently for the second novel to come out, and then I quickly read that as well. The story followed two young people who were struggling to survive in a brutal society, and there was a love story. I was enjoying the third and last book and was almost finished with it when the author killed off one of the main characters. I felt so cheated! I was hoping against hope for a happy ending in this dangerous world. It wasn’t to be, and I was so disappointed. This author may have lost a reader.

Here’s hoping for a good day and that the mean people find someone else to annoy today.

8 thoughts on “Mean People Stink

    1. Thank you, Shrimp! I wanted something cute and whimsical that still gave readers an idea of what I write about. I think Adam did a great job with it.


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