Hi, everyone. Sir Chasey-Wasey here.

20140704-140551-50751802.jpgAs you can see, I’m pretty busy right now.

20140704-140627-50787254.jpgI’m busy resting up after the good belly laugh I had earlier. I was trying to get the neighborhood calico cat’s attention. He’d wandered into our yard again. The birds and squirrels were flipping out, and Mom had a fit, too. She yelled out the window and clapped her hands. My outside friend gave her a bored look, and she got mad.

20140704-140909-50949754.jpgShe ran outside, clapping her hands and hollering. My friend left. Next thing you know, there’s a scratching and scraping on the roof, and the funniest thing happened. MOL!! The silly squirrel falls off the roof and bounces off of our air conditioner! MOL!!!

20140704-141141-51101762.jpgMom was so upset. She tried taking peanuts out, but all that silly squirrel did was climb the tree and proceed to scold (and curse in squirrel talk) at Mom! MOL!!!