We went for the fireworks last night in Chili, NY and caught the end of two live bands they had playing.  It was fun!  My camera has a fireworks scene setting so I thought I’d try it out.  I took a few videos, too.  The second video is fun.  You can hear Hubby say, “heavies”, my oldest son say, “upside down smiley face” and me laugh.  We had a good time.

According to the Town of Chili website:

The Chil-E Fest is an annual festival that attracts over 15,000 people each year. The name “Chil-E” is a play on the Town’s name “Chili.” This year will be the 25th annual Chil-E Fest, and we hope it will be the best one yet!


Source:  http://www.townofchili.org/index.php/chil-e-festival

7 thoughts on “Chil-E Fest – Fireworks in Chili, New York

  1. aimee servati says:

    Donna – what kind of camera? Those are awesome!!!


    1. dflorack says:

      Canon SX-150 Powershot. It’s a lower end one but it has a great zoom lens. I bought it first for Alex to take photos and videos of trains. When I wanted something more than my iphone I bought the same for me.


  2. Those turned out great, Donna. Glad to know what kind of camera.


    1. dflorack says:

      Thanks, Andra.


  3. Pawsome pictures, human!! Good job! *(trills)! *


    1. dflorack says:

      Thanks, Shrimp.


      1. You’re very welcome! *(purrs) *


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