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Instead of writing about that sad celebrity story that’s all over the news, Facebook and everyone else’s blog, I chose instead to write about something more uplifting – a boy and his first car.

Monday night my oldest son made his first really big purchase.  He bought his first car.  He’s 23, and he’s a really good driver.  He is one of the few drivers that I can totally relax with while he’s driving.  I trust his driving skills and his judgment. 

He worked for a bit at a Nissan dealer, and he is partial to Nissan cars.  We bought a pre-owned Ford last week ourselves, and they had a pre-owned Nissan on the lot.  It’s in our driveway now. 

I am proud of him, and I am very excited for him. Here he is with his 2011 Nissan Sentra.  It’s a cute little car.

My First Car

I sat there in the drivers seat..
smelling that new car smell..
turning the key to my freedom,
I'm now an adult..can't you tell?

Imagining the wind rushing
through my already messy hair..
as I cruised down Route 66,
In my mind not a single care.

It seemed  possibilities were endless..
just how far and how fast to go.
Hearing wheels on the pavement,
for independence I'd struck a blow.

Tomorrow would be soon enough
to think about what I'd done..
A big hole in my meager savings,
and a monthly payments begun.