New Version

What’s up with the new version of WordPress?  “Beep beep boop”?  Are you kidding me?  That’s ridiculous.  It takes longer to post.  It’s harder to post.  My posts are not posting to Facebook even though my settings are set to do so.  Is anyone else having issues with it?  I wish they hadn’t changed it.

11 thoughts on “New Version

  1. I absolutely hate it!! “Beep, boop…..what???” How old are we?? I cannot even get it to preview my work now. I thought it was only me….thanks, Donna!


    1. I thought the same thing, Skye! I thought the whole interface was very childish. We’ve all been blogging for a while, and they are treating us like little kids. I was so annoyed!


    1. I previewed it and then I couldn’t publish it. And it never did post to Facebook. Frustrating. It also doesn’t tell you what number post you’ve just done. It says “you just created a post. Nice job.” or some other silliness. It felt a little insulting. “Good job!”


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