Happy Birthday, Old Man

Sammy would have been 23 today (if he were still with us). Sam was a wonderful cat. We lost him to old age 6 years ago.

Sam on chair 2Sam was the “child” of divorce. He had been raised by a family with children, other cats, and dogs. He found himself up for adoption when the family split up and couldn’t keep the pets. He was tolerant of everything. He introduced us to the world of cat ownership gently. He was our first cat, and because of him there have been five others.

Sam and Zo in sunHe wasn’t much to look at. When we went to look at cats waiting for adoption, we had gone to see an elderly but beautiful long-haired cat. The adoption folks discouraged us because the cat we had admired had kidney issues. They didn’t recommend we take a sick cat for our first experience. They turned to motion towards a cage on the floor and said, “how about Sam?”

Sam begs MomHow about Sam? I remember looking at him and thinking, “THAT is a cat?!” My oldest son was almost 6 at the time, and he was with me. He looked at Sam and said, “OK!” He wanted him, and Sam (who was also 5 at the time) would become “his” cat for the next 12 years.

Sam w Mom 2Sam’s favorite “toy” was a plastic drinking straw. He had several, and he “buried” them all over the house. I was still finding them years after he’d gone. There are probably still some buried under the bedroom rugs. He’d wait until we’d all gone to bed for the night. The house would be dark, and we’d be just settling in when he’d come walking up the hallway, straw in mouth, yowling at the straw. It cracked us up every time. He’d draw the syllables out. Sometimes it would sound like he was saying, “wohhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooooo.” I miss hearing him. He was so funny.

Sam w feetSweet-tempered, patient, loving Sam. He was a big cat (22 pounds at one time), and he always wanted to lie on your chest. He didn’t realize that he made breathing difficult. Happy, friendly Sam who loved to lie on his back in the window sills so that the sun could reach his tummy.

Sam on chairHappy Birthday, old man. We miss you.

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Old Man

  1. I have a very soft spot in my heart for “Sams” since I’ve had my Sammy for almost 15 years……your Sam was a handsome guy – I’m glad your son fell in love with him the instant he saw him and he came to live with you “happily ever after”……we always miss them after they’ve gone….always.



  2. Awww- Sammy was so special! Tubster was over 15 pounds and also wanted to lay on his human’s chest- he Also didn’t know that humans could barely breathe when he laid on their chest!! MOL!💖


    1. Sammy was our guy, and he was the start of it all. We were dog people until Sammy taught us that cats were cool. We haven’t had a dog here in 5 years since our Zola passed away. We are cat people now.

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  3. What a sweet meatloaf, your Sam! Touching post, and you know what? My Valico also loves plastic drinking straws, I thought she was the only one who played endlessly with them!


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