Donna Reads: Where We Belong

wherewebelongIn Where We Belong by Emily Giffin, we meet Marian and Kirby. Marian gave a baby up for adoption 18 years ago. Kirby is that baby, and she is now 18 herself. She shows up at Marian’s door one day, and Marian is not prepared.

Did I like this book? No. Why did I read it? I read it for my book club. I got 90% of the way through it (after struggling along with it for weeks), and then I finally gave up and skipped to the last chapter to figure out how it ended (I had already pretty much deduced the ending). It’s hard for me to slog through a book when I don’t like the characters in it. It was a painful read. The pacing was slow, and the events in the book were just dull. The ending didn’t turn out how I wanted it to either.

Would I read another book by Ms. Giffin? No. Would I recommend this book? No. It’s rare when I give up on a book that I’ve almost finished, but I didn’t see any point in reading those 40-some pages that I skipped. I just wanted it to be over!

2 thoughts on “Donna Reads: Where We Belong

  1. Emily Giffin is one of those authors I have a hard time supporting. Did you know she once marshaled her readers to attack people who gave her bad reviews online? I mean, I know how hurtful a bad review can be, but dang. We cannot expect everyone to like our books and say glorious things about them.


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