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Apparently it matters little to certain electronics manufacturers whether customers give their products honest reviews or not. They don’t want your reviews if you say anything negative, or if God forbid, you mention a competitor’s product. Yes, I’m talking to you, LG Electronics. They kept haranguing me to write a review on the LG G3 Smartphone I recently purchased.

I used the phone for three weeks and decided I’d made a big mistake. I turned the phone over to a confirmed Android user (my hubby). He loves the darned thing. Go figure. I returned to Apple where I’d been happy the past two years, and where I am very happy once again. Back to LG, I wrote the review that they had been begging me for. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of mentioning another product in my review.

I received an email from them today informing me that my review had been rejected. They also attached their “guidelines” to help explain why my opinion had been deleted/ignored/turned down/turned away/rejected/crapped upon. The only thing I could find in their wacky guidelines is that it’s a big no-no to mention a competitor’s product. Gasp! I had the audacity to state that I had disliked my experience. I was very polite. I compared the two phones – LG vs. Apple, and then I stated (oh, heavens above!) that I’d returned to using an Apple phone. I did tell them that my husband loves Android phones, and he is happily using their over-sized, over-complicated piece of junk (no, I didn’t use those last several words).

So if you are in the market for an electronic product, and you happen to browse online for an LG product, please be aware that their reviews are skewed. They reject those of us who may possibly say something negative about their plastic crap Smartphone. They don’t want anyone else’s product mentioned because (my word!) people might know there are also Smartphones created by Apple, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Windows, Amazon, Nexus, Motorola, etc., etc. etc. I guess they are afraid that people might know and might actually look at those other products instead.

lg_logoI do believe this is the last LG product I personally will purchase. I do not appreciate a company that only wants glowing reviews and won’t acknowledge that there is competition out there. Get your heads out of the sand, LG! If your product is so poor that you have to falsely “pad” the reviews in your favor, then I’m not interested in buying any of them.