Are You on the Tweety?

I always loved it on the Craig Ferguson show when he would ask his guests, “Are you on the Tweety?” Of course, he meant, “do you use Twitter?” To tweet or not to tweet. That is the question. I know what Twitter is, but I’m not sure I understand it. I know how to tweet, but I don’t think I’m doing it right. I don’t really understand hashtags. Do you just make them up as you go along? How you get others to talk back and forth with you? Do you just pick interesting comments and comment back? I never have anything to say! I mark posts as favorites, but beyond that, I can’t think of anything worthwhile to add. I never was good at making small talk with strangers.

I have all of my blogs posting to their own individual Twitter pages, and according to WordPress, the one that did the best attracting visitors from Twitter was Sera’s blog ( I also find it interesting that Sera has more followers on Twitter than I do (and more than my cats’ blog has, too). I guess there are a lot of squirrels posting to Twitter. Who knew they could use a keyboard or Smartphone with those tiny little toes and long nails?


I tried to attend my first Twitter “party” today. It was an epic fail. I posted using, the required hashtags and then sat and watched nothing happen (yes, I even refreshed the page several times). It felt a bit like those parties you attend in person – all the same nauseous, nervous, awkward, icky feelings. You walk up to a group of people who are talking and having a great time. You make a comment when there’s a pause in the conversation. Everyone looks at you like you have a deformity of some sort. Then one by one they slowly walk away and leave you standing there alone again. The lack of commentary online today made me feel the same – invisible. I think I erred because I didn’t respond to an actual tweet. I don’t know if my comment showed up anywhere other than on my own page. I never was good at parties.


I think that Twitter is a big time commitment once you get noticed and people start interacting with you. I set the app on my iPhone to notify me if anyone makes a response to any of my tweets or mentions me in any way. It’s been silent on that front. I did have a few new people follow me so I guess that’s something, but no one wants to talk. I guess that’s okay. I’m not sure I’d see their tweet when it came in. That’s another thing with Twitter – it’s so busy and there are so many people posting. How do you see things as they arrive?


So I will continue to check Twitter when I can – I have Hootsuite on my desktop, and I have Tweetbot on my iPhone. (I had the phone set up before I discovered I couldn’t use Tweetbot on a Windows computer). I will keep trying to see if I can develop a knack for using Twitter. Who knows? Maybe it will grow on me, and I’ll make some new friends “on the Tweety”.

6 thoughts on “Are You on the Tweety?

  1. Twitter is such a different place than it was when it started, Donna. It used to be my favorite place on the web, but now it’s just noise, noise, noise. I put stuff there, but I can’t really say I’ve connected on a great level with anyone there in a long time.

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  2. People do love animals who tweet. 🙂 Twitter can be a time commitment, if you want it to be. And there’s really no right or wrong way to use it — just depends what you want to get out of it. The key, I think, is in engaging others with similar interests, and making sure your own posts are interesting/informative. (Peeps don’t like to click off to a website unless they know it’s going to be something of interest to them.) Personally, I hardly ever look at my actual timeline — it’s just too overwhelming. But I make use of Twitter’s “lists” function to read various groups of people (news, tech stuff, squirrels, whatever your interest might be). And I use searches a lot to find anyone tweeting about certain topics. Which is where hashtags can come in handy. Twitter will turn any hashtag into a link, so you can easily see what other people are tweeting about with that same tag. You can use a common tag (whatever the current social topic of the day is, or if you “live tweet” a telly show, they usually give you a suggested tag to use), or you can also just make up anything, and use it as a kind of meta commentary on what you’re tweeting about.

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