School starts tomorrow

Much to my great sorrow

Blogging moves to the back burner

As I once again become a learner

I do enjoy hitting the books

It’s not as easy as it looks

To get good grades takes dedication

I’ll work hard at Civil Litigation

You may see less of me online

But I’ll try my darndest to find time

Blogging is one of my passions

But learning is also in fashion

Us older students make it matter

We like to sit at the top of the ladder

Blogging gives me a different voice

It’s awfully nice to have that choice

I started a blog two years ago

When a friend suggested it was apropos

It’s not always witty or profound

But it’s kept me rooted to the ground

Life gets frantic; life gets hard

Spouting off here, showing my yard

Makes me happy and so proud

Us quiet folk can seem so loud

Trying to juggle it all is good

I’d write a novel if I could

Adding that to work, school and blog

Would surely keep my nerves a-jog

I’ll close now and say “good night”

School starts tomorrow. All right!

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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