Donna Reads: Through the Ever Night

evernightIn Through the Ever Night (the second book in the Under the Never Sky series) by Veronica Rossi, we continue with the story of Aria and Perry. In this dystopian society, a solar flare has destroyed Earth’s magnetic field and massive electronic storms threaten to destroy the planet. Aria was raised as a Dweller, living inside an artificial, enclosed pod community. Perry was raised as an Outsider, living in a more primitive, tribal society. In this second book, they spend a great deal of time apart. Perry introduces Aria to his tribe, and they are slow to accept her. An attempt is made on her life. Aria leaves with Roar, Perry’s childhood friend, to try to rescue Liv, Perry’s sister. Liv has been “sold” by Perry’s older brother, Vale. She has been given in marriage to a cruel man in exchange for food for the tribe. Perry struggles to maintain control of the tribe while keeping them safe from the Aether storms.

I raced through this book. Given that I work full-time and go to school part-time, I still managed to finish this one in three days. I couldn’t put it down, and when I did start reading it, I was totally absorbed in the story and the characters. As I stated in my review of Under the Never Sky, the author does a fantastic job at keeping the characters real and true to their given personalities. I love that about these books. You can trust the characters to do what you are thinking and hoping that they will do. There is heartbreak, romance, action and lots of excitement in this story. Aria’s character continues to grow and get stronger as she adapts to and thrives in life outside the pod community. I can’t wait to begin the conclusion, Into the Still Blue, but I will be sad and sorry to see the series end.

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