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brookeBrooke (Under the Never Sky, #2.5) by Veronica Rossi is another novella in the Under the Never Sky series. Brooke is a member of the Tides, an Outsider society who live a primitive sort of existence, struggling to survive in a dystopian world. Brooke has been in love with Perry, the Blood Lord leader of the Tides, for years. Brooke is forced to admit that Perry has never returned her love, and he now loves another, Aria a member of the Dwellers.

This short story helps to expand upon some of the series’ favorite characters and gives background information that is helpful and interesting to fans of the series. Brooke was never one of my favorite characters. I thought she was a little selfish and nasty. This novella, to me, didn’t do a lot to make me like her more. She struggles to adjust to being without Perry, and she flirts with and kisses several other men over the span of a few pages. I am hoping that she gets her act together and becomes more likeable in the final book in the series. I can see the author setting various scenarios up, and I have a good idea how Brooke’s story may end. I recommend this if you are an avid reader of the series. It’s a quick read.