On Hugging Larry

2015/01/img_7235.jpgIt may sound silly, and it may sound strange, but my trucker husband dreamt of one of my childhood stuffed toys last night.

He dreamt about Larry the Lion. Larry spoke to him in the dream. Larry told him to take better care of me.

I’ve written about Larry before. Larry was a Christmas gift from Santa Claus when I was three years old. I still have Larry, and he still works.

Hubby told me this morning that I should give Larry a hug. It may sound silly, and it may sound strange, but I took (dusty) Larry down from the shelf and hugged him.

Suddenly I was three again. Larry felt the same in my arms as he had then. I could feel his coat as it felt when he was plush and new. I could smell how he smelled when he was brand new – that soft fur and that Mattel plastic smell.

It brought me to tears. I’ve been pushing myself hard again. Life as a trucker’s wife with a part-time husband is hard enough. I also work a full-time job that requires intense concentration and attention to detail. I sometimes bring work home. I am a part-time student who won’t do school work halfway. I overachieve when it matters. I’m being asked to attend multiple meetings and tours to help decide a possible program for next year for my autistic son. I try to find blogging time and exercise time, too. I’m also scribbling book notes because I really want to write one.

Yes, Larry somehow “knew” I needed that hug today, and he chose my hubby as the conduit for his message. It may sound silly, and it may sound strange, but yes, I do believe in signs.

Im listening, Larry. It’s time to take a deep breath and hug the lion, and it’s NOT silly, and it’s NOT strange at all.

6 thoughts on “On Hugging Larry

  1. Oh my gosh. I remember Larry too! “I’m ferocious, aren’t I?” And you were so cautious with not pulling his strong to much. Love Larry!

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