Therapeutic Rant

This is my third post today. No, I never posted the other two. They were therapeutic rants. Those types of blog posts are kind-of like those letters or emails you write but (hopefully) never send. You either tear the letter up, or you delete the email.

My first post was another slam at Facebook or at least the Facebook type of people who post pictures or articles about animal cruelty. Those types of posts distress me so much I can’t sleep after seeing them. I have quit Facebook before over those types of horrific postings. Facebook is on my “don’t visit” list again today because of something I saw last night. Some things you see by accident, and once you see them, you can’t “un-see” them. Thanks for posting that one, idiot. I no longer follow your comments or posts.

My second post was two rants in one post (it was a long post). I started out talking about stress and being sick with a GI bug. I’ve been under a great deal of stress lately. My stress level is so high that I decided something had to “give”. I actually checked into dropping out of school (again)! Here I am hip-deep in a Civil Litigation course and I’m enjoying the heck out of the class. The only way I could think of to reduce stress was to drop something, and school seemed the logical choice. After I finish the two classes this semester, I only have seven classes to go before I have my second degree. Why was I thinking of quitting? It makes no sense. Stress made me stupid (not logical).

stressThe second part of the post was about my autistic son, his transition program and the nightmare week we had dealing with incompetent administrators. I decided not to post that one in all its full (bitchy) detail because we still have to work with these people (for now). We had a horrific week where they required us to attend a mandatory session with a representative from a local agency for disabled folks who should have known better but proceeded to talk for two hours non-stop while the disabled kids in the audience melted down. We got up and left. Need I say more? The very next day I received an email where said administrators decided what was “best” for my son regarding a co-op job placement despite what he had decided and despite what I had already told them. This lead to a screaming session on the phone (yes, I was the one screaming, and I don’t like conflict and I don’t yell at people outside my family – ever). Two days later said administrators let us down again when I fell ill and I couldn’t reach anyone to tell them we would not be part of a planned tour of a local facility. I had hoped my son could attend alone. No one took him, and no one ever contacted us. Is it any wonder we want “out”? My son has never been severely disabled. For all I know, maybe he should never have been classed as a special education student. This is something that haunts me, and it’s something that I am really questioning this week.

Yes, I was yelling this week. Yes, I was VERY angry.

Therapeutic rants are great. In fact, this post ended up turning into a milder version of what I originally wrote. Sorry, it had to come out somewhere. I think everyone should try ranting at least once or twice. If you really let yourself go, you can be profane, you can tell people off, and you can say all sorts of clever things you’d never say to someone’s face. Just don’t post them.

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7 thoughts on “Therapeutic Rant

  1. So sorry for your travails 😦 About a year ago I wrote an email to someone who wronged me, who I have no interest in being in contact with, but I thought I just had it in my draft folder. The other day I looked at in my draft folder and it says it was sent a couple days after I wrote it. Haha. Now I don’t really know if I sent it or not but I guess I did. I don’t really care because, as I said, the person is not a friend but I thought it was just a draft. Oh, well.

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