Donna Reads: Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2)

scarletIn Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles Book 2), author Marissa Meyer continues with the story of her female cyborg character, Cinder. The first novel, Cinder, was a futuristic retelling of the Cinderella fairytale. In the second installment, Scarlet, Meyer takes on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

I had a harder time getting into this second novel in the series. I didn’t care as much about Scarlet or her grandmother. Cinder drew me in fairly quickly; Scarlet did not. In Cinder, even if I wasn’t sure where the story was heading, I felt sympathetic to the main character and cared what happened to her. I didn’t feel that way about Scarlet. She is supposed to be tough, but I just found her annoying. Her father had no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I also found the wolf characters in the book gruesome and creepy. This book alternated between telling Scarlet’s and Cinder’s stories, and I kept rushing through the Scarlet chapters to get back to Cinder’s story. I understand why the author tied the characters together, and they do eventually meet and work together against the evil Lunar queen, but I didn’t like this book (or its characters) as well as I did the first book.

As for the developing romance between Scarlet and Wolf, that didn’t interest or intrigue me either and I found it a little unbelievable. Wolf (or Ze’ev or Alpha Kesley or whatever name he goes by), turns out to be a member of a genetically altered wolf pack, and his human persona was not very likable. He was just weird. I wondered what Scarlet saw in him. His pack had kidnapped her Granny, and he was a killer/fighter. What’s likeable about that? Scarlet also fell for him within a day’s time. Really?

The book got more interesting for me when Scarlet and Wolf met up with Cinder and Thorne, but that was towards the end of the story. This novel does its job in providing background information for Cinder’s story, and it does give Cinder some allies in her battle against the queen. It’s not something I would read a second time, though. I am hoping that Book 3 (Cress/Rapunzel) is better.

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