The Ease (Pain?) of Writing

I love how the words just flow when you are writing about something that you enjoy, care about or want to know more about. I am in the finishing stages of my Civil Litigation class – the class ends Monday, and today I am putting together the final assignment.

For the Final Exam, we have been asked to write a letter to the fictional client, assuming it is just after the first meeting with her to discuss her slip-and-fall case. In the letter, we are to basically summarize everything we learned in the entire 7.5 weeks of class. We are to walk the client, step by step, through the civil litigation process. We explain to her what she is to expect, we are to cite references, and we are to explain things to her so that she can understand what will happen and what sort of relief she can expect at the outcome.

The project seemed daunting at first, but now that I’ve begun typing it up, I seem to be on a roll. It’s interesting to me that when you are writing something you enjoy (whether it’s schoolwork, blogging or writing a novel), the words just seem to fly from your brain and out of your fingertips. I have enjoyed the heck out of this class. Although I do not work in Litigation, the terminology was familiar enough that this class seemed easy. I will miss it when it’s over.

Even though I am struggling mightily today from a headache brought on by a medication that’s apparently not compatible with my system, the assignment (and this post!) both seem to be writing themselves. I would love to someday write a novel, but every time I sit down and try to do so, the words don’t flow. I don’t have writer’s block, but what I write is lame and difficult to get from brain to page. That tells me it’s not any good, and it’s not time to write it yet. I haven’t found the right character yet, and that character hasn’t nagged at me to tell their story. Once that happens, I imagine the story will write itself, and it will be right.

So I will now return to my client letter, and I will push through the pain in my head to write and deliver the very best Final Exam that I can. Cheers, everyone!

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7 thoughts on “The Ease (Pain?) of Writing

  1. Why don’t you combine both? Tell the story of your fictional character, the back story move it through her litigation and end up with a trial. It sounds like a book to me.

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