Donna Reads:  Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3)

Cress – Czech Republic cover

In Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer, we return to the world of the cyborg, Cinder.  Cress is Meyer’s take on Rapunzel.  Cress (Crescent Moon) has been held captive on a satellite orbiting Earth since she was a small child.  Cress is a Lunar citizen and a computer whiz. The evil Lunar Queen, Levana, has taken advantage of Cress’s skills to secretly spy on Earth for many years.  Cress and Cinder accidentally connect with each other over a communication chip and Cress begins secretly helping to hide Cinder and aid her in her flight from Levana’s reaches.  Cress is also more than a little in love with Carswell Thorne, Cinder’s shipmate. Cinder, Thorne and Scarlet decide to rescue Cress. Things go wrong when Levana’s cruel Thaumaturge, Sybil shows up and discovers that Cinder is on her way and within her reach. 

This was a long novel (547 pages). There was a lot going on here. At times I found myself wondering why I wasn’t farther along than I was. It seemed to drag at times. Then again, maybe I just want to wrap it up. I want to see the evil Queen get defeated and everyone get their happy ending.  It feels at times as if I’ve been reading the same book for  forever.   Maybe more than 3 novels in a series is too much?  This one has five books if you count the prequel that just came out (Fairest). I have no intention of reading the prequel. I’ve read the reviews, and I don’t want to dip into the dark side of Levana to see what makes her tick. I don’t care.  I just want to see her get what’s coming to her. 


I still recommend reading this series. This one was just overly long for me. I’m hoping that having to wait until November to pick up the story again will re-spark my interest. 

Image courtesy of – I think I prefer this cover version – it more accurately depicts Cress and the situation she was forced into

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