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cleeseWith April fast approaching, I have been working on my first few posts for the A to Z Blog Challenge.   I have decided to go with a themed approach after all.

I am going to try my hand at writing short stories. A wise and trusted advisor (my hubby) asked if I’d ever written short stories. I don’t normally even read short stories. For some reason, I find them disappointing. I always want “more”. I typically reject short books, too. Call it a quirk of mine, but I like to read L-O-N-G books. It’s also not a secret that I would like to write a book of my own one day. Hubby suggested I practice that goal by writing short stories.

For the A to Z Challenge, instead of writing 26 disjointed and separate stories, I decided to try to tie them all together. I am going to tell the story of a little girl and an old man. Each story will be told from a different character’s viewpoint. I have A through D ready. The challenge will be to tell parts of the same story but never repeating a character. Each day is a new letter of the alphabet. So far the installments are quite short – only averaging 500 words each. That wasn’t intentional, but it works (so far).

We will see if I can continue and successfully conclude the tale.

Image courtesy of Pinterest and Monty Python’s Flying Circus