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A-to-Z-Challenge-SURVIVIORIt’s hard to believe that the A to Z Blogging Challenge is over. I survived it and successfully completed it. I exceeded my own expectations. What began as a lark ended rather unexpectedly as a fabulous experience. I had such fun writing my series of short stories, and I made some new friends along the way.

It was suggested to me a month or more ago that I try my hand at writing short stories and maybe out of those short stories a character or two would present themselves for my stated goal of writing a novel one day. As I began to write about a little girl and an old man that she met daily in the park, I began to unconsciously formulate and create characters and a town. Most days when I sat down to put my posts together, those characters wrote themselves.

I am proud of and pleased with what I produced. I am so proud that (as I stated on Wednesday) I compiled all 26 stories into a collection of short stories, and I’ve published them on both Amazon and Nook. If you’d like a copy of the collection or if you’d like to read them all in one sitting, you can now get them online.

COVERI downloaded the early version for my Kindle, and I sat down to read all 26 stories back to back. I tried to be objective as I read, but I was critically looking for faults or errors. I kept expecting to find something oddly out of place or jarring to the story line, and nothing like that jumped out at me. Some of those stories were well-thought out, but most of them were written on the fly. I surprised myself that they were actually not bad.

I have decided to continue Annelise’s story. I have already begun writing with the final short story (Zoe) set as the prologue to a more expanded version of the characters’ stories and lives in the town. Although some characters may never reappear, it’s possible they all might. I purposely kept the ages and timeframe vague in the short stories. As I wrote, I imagined a town from the past similar to Mayberry. I wanted a kinder and gentler place for a young girl to safely wander around on her own. The expanded version will contain more definite references to time and ages. I hope and pray that I am able to do Annelise justice.

Thank you, everyone, for reading my little collection of stories. They were my babies, and the first stories of that type that I ever wrote and put out there for the whole world to see. I appreciated the kind words of encouragement and support – they meant more to me than anyone can know.